Baby Point / Old Millside Advisory Group Meetings #2

On November 2 and 9, 2017 City Planning staff and the consultant team, led by EVOQ Architecture, met with the Baby Point and Old Millside Community Advisory Groups as part of the Baby Point Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study to present the consultant’s preliminary findings and recommendations and to solicit feedback and discussion. The meeting was facilitated by LURA Consulting, with a representative from Councillor Doucette’s office (Ward 13 – Parkdale/High Park) in attendance.

The City’s consultant’s preliminary findings for the Baby Point HCD recommend City Planning revise the study area boundary and proceed to develop a HCD plan within the Baby Point neighbourhood (excluding Old Millside).

While Baby Point and Old Millside differ in the character of the homes, they are both components of the Baby Point Archaeologically Sensitive Area, and as such it is recognized that a coordinated approach be taken to ensure that archaeological resources are identified and conserved as work occurs within both neighbourhoods. The consultant recommends that the City develop a new planning tool, which may include but is not limited to an HCD, to conserve the archaeological resources within the Old Millside neighbourhood. This tool would not include provisions to conserve the architecture and built form of homes within Old Millside.

The HCD Study is ongoing and the consultant’s final recommendations are anticipated to be presented to the public in January, 2018. The advisory group presentation can be downloaded from the link below.

Combined Presentation


King-Spadina HCD Adopted by City Council

At its meeting of October 2, 2017, Toronto City Council adopted staff recommendations to designate the King-Spadina Heritage Conservation District under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act, and to adopt the King-Spadina Heritage Conservation District Plan.

Staff report and recommendations can be found here.

You can find the Plan as adopted by Council on Heritage Preservation Services’ website here.

Casa Loma HCD Study Open House

On September 28, 2017 City Planning staff hosted the first community open house for the Casa Loma Heritage Conservation District Study.

The open house provided an opportunity for the City’s consultant team, led by EVOQ Architecture along with Urban Strategies, DTAH and ASI, to present their preliminary findings and engage with the local community. The event was facilitated by LURA Consulting.

Material presented at the open house can be downloaded below, as well as an application form to participate in the community advisory group for this project. A meeting summary, including a summary of feedback received, will be posted at a later date.

Presentation Boards

Building Typologies

Construction Dates and Building Use

Historical Timeline


Planning Policy

Community Advisory Group Material

Terms of Reference [Draft]

Application Form

Feedback Form

Meeting Summary


MPAC to Reduce Assessments of Yonge Street Retail Properties in the Historic Yonge HCD

On August 31, 2017 the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) released a statement regarding the assessment of retail properties located within the Historic Yonge Street Heritage Conservation District (HCD).

In response to concerns raised by small business owners and Mayor John Tory that the assessed value based on sales price was seriously impacting their ability to maintain tenancy and/or ownership, and taking into consideration the Council-approved but appealed designation of the Historic Yonge HCD, MPAC has reduced the assessed values for these properties to reflect their current value.

The full press release from MPAC can be read here.

Sunshine Valley Authorized for Study as a Potential Heritage Conservation District

At its meeting of July 4th, 2017 Toronto City Council authorized a study be undertaken of Sunshine Valley as a potential Heritage Conservation District (HCD). The authorized study area is located in East York, northeast of the intersection of St. Clair Avenue East and O’Connor Drive.

Sunshine Valley is one of three identified neighbourhoods in Toronto designed and built by Wartime Housing Limited, and retains a significant number of the 197 clapboard sided Victory Houses constructed for returning World War II veterans and their families. The area maintains a strong connection to this history, as evidenced through the houses, street names, and the memories of first, second and third generation residents.

Sunshine Valley will be be considered in the next round of prioritization conducted by City Planning to determine which of the 12 authorized HCD nominations will proceed.

The Agenda Item and Staff Report can be found at the link below:

Baby Point HCD Study – Community Advisory Group Meeting #1

On June 26th and 27th the Baby Point HCD Study Community Advisory Groups met at Humbercrest United Church. The decision to convene two separate neighbourhood advisory groups (one for Baby Point and one for Old Millside) was requested at the first community consultation meeting, held on March 27th.

The objectives of the advisory group meetings were to:

  • provide an update on the HCD Study
  • Review and confirm the advisory group Terms of Reference
  • Present the results of preliminary data collection, and review feedback from the first community consultation meeting
  • Discuss elements of significance and areas of concern with respect to heritage priorities within the neighbourhood

The discussion at both advisory group meetings contributed useful information for the project team on the features that define the Old Millside and Baby Point neighbourhoods, and provided an opportunity for community members to ask questions of clarification regarding the HCD Study process. Meeting summaries will be posted online in the coming weeks.

The agendas and presentations for both advisory group meetings can be downloaded below:

Old Millside – Agenda

Old Millside – Presentation

Baby Point – Agenda

Baby Point – Presentation

Material provided to advisory group members prior to the meeting included:

Heritage Conservation Districts in Toronto: Policies, Procedures, and Terms of Reference

The Rise of Heritage Conservation Districts (article)

The Economic Value of Heritage Districts

Ontario Heritage Toolkit: Heritage Conservation Districts

Garden District Heritage Conservation District Plan


Toronto Preservation Board Endorses the King-Spadina Heritage Conservation District Plan

The Toronto Preservation Board endorsed the King-Spadina Heritage Conservation District Plan at its meeting on June 22, 2017, and the designation the area as a Heritage Conservation District under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act.

The King-Spadina HCD and Plan will proceed to Toronto and East York Community Council on September 6, 2017.

The staff report and HCD Plan can be downloaded from the link below: