Baby Point / Old Millside Advisory Group Meetings #2

On November 2 and 9, 2017 City Planning staff and the consultant team, led by EVOQ Architecture, met with the Baby Point and Old Millside Community Advisory Groups as part of the Baby Point Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study to present the consultant’s preliminary findings and recommendations and to solicit feedback and discussion. The meeting was facilitated by LURA Consulting, with a representative from Councillor Doucette’s office (Ward 13 – Parkdale/High Park) in attendance.

The City’s consultant’s preliminary findings for the Baby Point HCD recommend City Planning revise the study area boundary and proceed to develop a HCD plan within the Baby Point neighbourhood (excluding Old Millside).

While Baby Point and Old Millside differ in the character of the homes, they are both components of the Baby Point Archaeologically Sensitive Area, and as such it is recognized that a coordinated approach be taken to ensure that archaeological resources are identified and conserved as work occurs within both neighbourhoods. The consultant recommends that the City develop a new planning tool, which may include but is not limited to an HCD, to conserve the archaeological resources within the Old Millside neighbourhood. This tool would not include provisions to conserve the architecture and built form of homes within Old Millside.

The HCD Study is ongoing and the consultant’s final recommendations are anticipated to be presented to the public in January, 2018. The advisory group presentation can be downloaded from the link below.

Combined Presentation


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