Baby Point HCD Study – Community Advisory Group Meeting #1

On June 26th and 27th the Baby Point HCD Study Community Advisory Groups met at Humbercrest United Church. The decision to convene two separate neighbourhood advisory groups (one for Baby Point and one for Old Millside) was requested at the first community consultation meeting, held on March 27th.

The objectives of the advisory group meetings were to:

  • provide an update on the HCD Study
  • Review and confirm the advisory group Terms of Reference
  • Present the results of preliminary data collection, and review feedback from the first community consultation meeting
  • Discuss elements of significance and areas of concern with respect to heritage priorities within the neighbourhood

The discussion at both advisory group meetings contributed useful information for the project team on the features that define the Old Millside and Baby Point neighbourhoods, and provided an opportunity for community members to ask questions of clarification regarding the HCD Study process. Meeting summaries will be posted online in the coming weeks.

The agendas and presentations for both advisory group meetings can be downloaded below:

Old Millside – Agenda

Old Millside – Presentation

Baby Point – Agenda

Baby Point – Presentation

Material provided to advisory group members prior to the meeting included:

Heritage Conservation Districts in Toronto: Policies, Procedures, and Terms of Reference

The Rise of Heritage Conservation Districts (article)

The Economic Value of Heritage Districts

Ontario Heritage Toolkit: Heritage Conservation Districts

Garden District Heritage Conservation District Plan


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