City Council Enacts HCD Study Area Designation By-law for King-Spadina

At its December 11, 12 and 13 meeting, Toronto City Council passed By-law 1186-2016 to prohibit the demolition or removal of any buildings or structures on properties that have the potential to contribute to the cultural heritage value of King-Spadina within the study area boundaries for a period of one year.

During the course of the King-Spadina HCD study, four properties identified as potentially contributing to the study area have been demolished, and an additional four have recently been proposed for demolition. Of the 303 properties identified as potentially contributing, 160 are at immediate risk of demolition as they are without any form of heritage protection and the City could not deny or withhold a demolition permit so long as the applicant has complied with all applicable law.

The By-law does not affect the processing of planning applications, the adoption of zoning by-laws or official plan amendments, the granting of variances by the Committee of Adjustment or any other city approvals required by City Planning or other divisions. It includes exemptions for properties which already have obtained demolition permits, obtained approval to demolish or remove buildings in accordance with a final zoning by-law or may obtain final approval for a zoning by-law amendment which permits the demolition of buildings located on these properties.

The Staff Report (including the by-law) and Member Motion can be found at the links below. Additional consultation for the King-Spadina HCD will be undertaken in the new year, notification for which will be posted on the HCD Blog in advance.

Staff Report

Member Motion




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