Februrary HCD Study Update

Welcome to another exciting year for HCDs in Toronto!

St. Lawrence Market and The Esplanade

St. Lawrence Market and The Esplanade

We are now wrapping up the second half of the HCD study process for our five HCD Study areas:

Historic Yonge Street HCD Study:

• The consultants are preparing preliminary mapping of proposed Character areas within the Study area, and are examining a preliminary refined boundary. Mapping of themes and typologies is currently underway.
• The survey forms nearing completion, the quality assurance and the final review process is currently underway.
• Staff and the consultant team will be scheduling a community consultation meeting in the spring to discuss the draft HCD Study findings.

Queen Street East HCD Study

• With the help of dedicated volunteers, the Queen Street East HCD consultant team is nearing completion of the field surveys of over 100 properties in the proposed boundary area.
• On January 16, 2014 the consultant team met with some of the Riverdale Historical Society.
• The second of two Community Consultation Meetings for all interested in the HCD Study will be scheduled for late spring.

King Street at Spadina

King Street at Spadina

King-Spadina HCD Study

• The study team completed stakeholder consultations with resident’s and neighbourhood associations as well as the local BIA in September and November 2013.
• The study team is currently evaluating the 390 properties in the study area and making recommendations for HCD boundaries.
• The recommendations will be presented at the an upcoming community consultation meeting.

Garden District:

• Consultants have completed final field work and final recording during ‘leaf-off’ conditions, and have nearly completed the preparation of the detailed survey forms.
• The consultants will be continuing public outreach efforts by hosting a community workshop to get ideas from the community, as well as discuss preliminary findings.
• The second public consultation meeting to is proposed for early spring.

St. Nicholas Street, 1975

St. Nicholas Street, 1975

St. Lawrence HCD Study

• The consultants are currently reviewing and analyzing the built form and landscape survey data.
• They are also beginning to identify the neighbourhood’s unique historic themes and design typologies.
• The consultant team will present the HCD study draft at the second public consultation meeting, to be announced.

Please check back regularly for updates, and announcements regarding the upcoming community consultation meetings.


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