Queen Street East HCD Study: Public Consultation Report


Close to 50 participants attended the first of two Community Consultation meetings for the Queen Street East HCD Study. The meeting consisted of presentations, conversations, and a question and answer period.

First on the agenda was Mary MacDonald, Acting Manager of Heritage Preservation Services with the City of Toronto, with a brief overview of Heritage Conservation Districts. This was followed by a short presentation by the consultant team, illustrating the purpose of the Study Phase – that being, determining the heritage value of the area through surveys and analysis.

The evening’s agenda was devised to encourage those attending to share their comments and their interests. Small break-out groups allowed everyone to have an opportunity to discuss or write-down their comments and concerns—invaluable information for the consultants as we move forward. Participants were asked to think about what they believe are the most important heritage features in the area—whether a specific buildings, a historical site, or a significant view. Each break-out group was facilitated by one of the many volunteers from the area who have come forward to contribute to the Study.

Prior to the question and answer period, Councillor Paula Fletcher addressed the group, describing the years of work that has led to this point in the process. For any who were unable to attend this meeting, we encourage you to fill out the Questionnaire.


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